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The colour of our lives effect us in so many ways,It can make us happy, safe or sad, so choose your colours with care.


The Robin, the quintessential resident English bird
So friendly, so sweet, and a friend all the year round
He will sing all through the night it’s a wondrous sound to be heard
And in wintertime his cousins from Scandinavia and Europe
Make up his merry band.
Little Robin red breast is a Christmas friend
As he makes his visit to our gardens to enjoy his Christmas treats
Fighting the blue tits and chasing the Dunnocks out of the garden, for sunflower hearts.
Robins are territorial all year round; during the spring and summer this territory is for breeding, but
at other times individual robins hold territories for feeding.
Robins will defend their territories to the death.


I meld with green
I associate with green
green is my favourite colour
my bond with green is forever
it is the colour of life
it is the colour of MY life
green brings forth a universe of other colours
green itself is of other colours, as we all are,
the earth is green, the sky is part green as is the sea.
To many times in my life as a child and now as an adult have I passed it by without even a thought and watched as it dies
and yet it returns to me every year renewed and revitalized.
Green is poetry, green is song, and green is the music of existence.


The Black Panther snarls as he sniffs out his prey
He patiently waits for the passing bouquet
He hunts better at night, much more, then the day
And surveys his domain every which way
The only thing seen, as you may pass by
Is that wild hungry, look found in his eye
His whiskers flick, as he savours the air
Full of the scent, of prey everywhere
Be careful my friend, for the very next victim
Could well be you, as one of them.


Tonight will be a blue moon, and I will spend it with my love
It’s New Years Eve; we will both look upon, the same moon, up above
The moon will shine upon her rose, I sent for her to hold
Whilst I read some lines from Wordsworth
His words waft magic to us, his lines beg to unfold
The breeze will sing our song for us
As we bathe in blue moons light
And my love and I will be together
Lit by blue moon this night.


Greens, brown and silvers, barely show through winters dust of frost and snow
Fading colours breathe their last, as autumn yields to winters blasts
The land is bathed with a shimmering white; hush abounds as birds take flight
Seeking warmer climes in lands, of palms and forests and warmer sands
Children wake to make their mark, in virgin snow untouched and stark
Chimneys pour their smoke on high to sully snow clouds in the sky
Speak soft, as robins breasts of red, flutter to the tables spread
With kitchens scraps mixed in with seeds, tread soft and watch the visitors feed
Gold and green finches join the feast, to battle cold wind from the north-east
Winters come, the time is nigh, fresh snows do battle in the sky
Tiring shoppers on their way, with gifts and Fayre for Christmas day
Hurry home to welcome yellow fires, to sounds of music from singing choirs
The snow outside swathes trodden paths, with marbled blankets through the night
To await the mornings squeals and cheers, a brand new battleground for fresh snow fights
These are the colours the winter brings, esteemed by all, from paupers to kings


Halfway between Green and Yellow is Chartreuse, why people choose to mix it no one knows
On their own they have a magical simplicity of purity
Add a white for all to see the colours of natures mystery
The delicate Daisy is where its all at, little girls making chains and decorating hats
Chasing each other and playing tit for tat.
The daisy stands proud swaying gentle in the breeze
Watching the kids and tempting the bees
All is well in the meadow today with the yellows and greens in natures bouquet.


Memories of colours from the day before
The pure silk white of a tub of Carte D’Or
Wondering about the day that is to come
Daydreaming of colours that’s the rule of thumb
The green of the grass the sky’s brightest of blue
Colours filter my eyes to allow hues to pass through
I feel calm with a blue as softly I tread
Then turn a corner into a red
Red is the colour I have on my bed
Excitement and energy, passion, desire
Flickering yellow from a dancing fire
Mauve and purple give a majestic twang, to the lavenders scent
Even the hard cold grey from builders cement
Memories of colours so sharp in my mind
As the nights black of sleep leave my colours behind
Then I awake to a brand new day
Once more to open my eyes to Mother Nature’s bouquet

And Finally

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Black, Blue, Green, Red, Robin, Winter

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
17th Jul 2011 (#)

A rainbow seen is a different experience. This would paint one for someone unable to see.

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
17th Jul 2011 (#)

This was brilliant, Johnny. I use color to create moods all the time. Green is the Heart chakra color, representing love, peace and compassion. Thank you for this wonderful journey through the colors. :-)

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author avatar johnnydod
17th Jul 2011 (#)

Carol I just know you will love my next three publications coming soon, thank you so much for your comments

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
17th Jul 2011 (#)

I look forward to reading them. :-))

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author avatar satan fury
17th Jul 2011 (#)

A very creative piece. I love the images. My favorite color is red, but I really like the winter colors since they are allegorical to the christmas season. nice work.

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author avatar Retired
17th Jul 2011 (#)

I am the Panther that I know,
That is because I told you so.
What I never said is I am Indian,
From the Choctaw Tribe, the blended meridian.
That is my tribe, along with Cherokee,
I was the man of mystery.
I brought to the world Thriller and HIStory,
This is my life, my life story.
I am the one like Anisha,
I lovingly named her Aiyanna.
I was the one waiting for the shower,
And in afterlife I found my Eternal Flower.
I am the African, German Indian Boy,
Who used to Moonwalk with a Hat as toy.
Now I was always mauled and hurt,
And Paparazzis used to sniff out dirt.
While I know you love Aiyanna,
She is certainly no Dirty Diana.
We all know of the kiss and wink,
And i saw it and it made me think.
It was for you she wrote the Electric Eyes,
For who you are and not your lies.

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author avatar Retired
17th Jul 2011 (#)

Complementing the revelation of Michael Jackson's origin, I am the Rainbow who moves wherever there is hope and rain to break white light into a different array as that is my Armour of Love along with Choctaw Boy...
Meet Einsame, now Thr3e the Rainbow Rose, who is the Sunflower of Creation...

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
17th Jul 2011 (#)

beautiful expression of colors through a very well-written article..thanks a lot for sharing such a beautiful article on colors johnydepp...

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author avatar tootsieharveystories
17th Jul 2011 (#)

Wonderful article...loved the images in this....and Phil Collins was brilliant....

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author avatar Delicia Powers
18th Jul 2011 (#)

Beautifully poetic ... creative... a magic paint brush made from nature and your words...BRAVO, simply wonderful!

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author avatar Songbird B
18th Jul 2011 (#)

An amazing and colourful outflow of poetic shades of every hue, Johnny...Beautifully done my friend...\0/

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author avatar johnnydod
18th Jul 2011 (#)

O, thank you all so very very much, my world is full of colours and you are all my paint brushes.

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author avatar Denise O
18th Jul 2011 (#)

Johnny, green happens to be my favorite colour also. I just love your poetry or I should say, works of art. A lovely page. Star quality for sure. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar johnnydod
18th Jul 2011 (#)

Now Im blushing Denise

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author avatar Maria Malone
18th Jul 2011 (#)

Congrats on the well deserved star page..... Colors are so full of passion and life, well done Johnny!

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author avatar delete
19th Jul 2011 (#)

can you delete my account?

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author avatar johnnydod
19th Jul 2011 (#)

I'm sorry, deleting accounts is beyond my remit, you must write to wikinut.

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author avatar Retired
19th Jul 2011 (#)

Vibrant and colorful! Congrats on your much deserved star.

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author avatar jak2010
20th Jul 2011 (#)

A rainbow poem, indescribeable.

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author avatar Phoenix Montoya
21st Jul 2011 (#)

Indeed colorful poems Johnny. Always an engaging read and thanks for the star :)

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author avatar MAnature
25th Jul 2011 (#)

I loved this :) thank you! Green!

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
26th Jul 2011 (#)

Very colorful poems.
And all so lovely too!

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